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2010–2013, on behalf of GIZ
Consulting services to the technical cooperation scheme „Empowerment and Development of Youth in Kosovo“. The programme promoted both individual responsibility and sustainability of institutional structures in the youth sector. Moreover, it aimed to foster participatory development and implementation of youth-relevant policies and services. It was designed to incorporate youth into local development processes and to enable them to influence and improve their life situation and prospects. SUM Consult designed and implemented an effective impact monitoring and evaluation system.  

Youth Centre, Kosovo

2006, on behalf of CARE International Kosovo
Evaluation of the project “Promotion of Human Rights Education and Inter-Ethnic Dialogue in Kosovo”. SUM Consult analysed the mid-term effects, led participatory workshops and developed recommendations for further action for this reconciliation and civil society promotion project. 

Interactive teaching in Kosovo

2001–2002, on behalf of CARE Germany and the Karl Kübel Foundation
Development and implementation of a participatory impact monitoring and evaluation system for the project “Support for traumatised children in Kosovo”. The purpose of the project was to develop and support local capacities and motivation, at the institutional (school, teachers), household (parents) and civil society levels (local initiatives and/or NGOs), in order to improve the psychosocial well-being of school children, and change attitudes and behaviour in education and child care in selected villages of the Prizren municipality. 

School children in Prizren, Kosovo
Kosovo and Bosnia/Herzegovina
2001–2002, on behalf of GTZ
Development and implementation of a participatory impact monitoring and evaluation system for the technical cooperation project “Trauma and Reconciliation”. The project aimed to enhance psycho-social competencies and the capacity of children and youth for peaceful conflict management and thereby contribute to an improvement of the well-being of children and youth in the project regions, e.g. Djakova, Suhareka and Dragash. 

Independence Day in Prizren, 12 June 2001

2005, on behalf of KfW
Analysis of potential approaches to historical centres rehabilitation in various Romanian cities, such as Sibiu and Timisoara. Upgrading project design was to be based on an analysis of construction needs and social problems, regulations to protect historical monuments, the financial situation of the municipalities and expected impacts. SUM Consult was responsible for the socio-economic part of the analysis. 

Historical centre Sibiu, Romania

2016, on behalf of GIZ
Within the GIZ project “Strengthening Ukrainian Municipalities for Hosting Internally Displaced People (IDPs)” SUM Consult has conceptualised and implemented two training programmes to facilitate the integration of IDPs and other vulnerable groups into local structures: One for youth leaders to increase the capacities of working with children, adolescents and youth, the other one on change management to support the necessary change processes in selected municipalities in Kharkiv Oblast.